Spirit Art ~ Visionary Art

Rebecca Burg is a published author, clairvoyant, and Reiki healer. She began creating channeled spirit art in the mid 1990s, working with a popular metaphysical shop in her home town. 

She grew up with a psychic grandmother and a father who was dismayed by his easy ability to spirit walk.

Rebecca credits her grandmother and her native Uralic Sami/Siberian culture for her artistic and spiritual inspiration. The old ways of her ancestors have not been forgotten.

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Images Inspired by the Spirit World

Channeled spirit art is imagery that is specific to the individual it's done for. It's like a clairvoyant psychic reading in visual form. I also take notes and jot them down on a separate sheet of paper.

These vibrant, original works of art are intended to serve your highest good and 

foster spiritual growth.

 They are to encourage you to walk your true path and remind you of your soul's eternal nature.

How it's done.

After speaking with you, either in person or over the phone, I clear my workspace and set the intention. While meditating, I relax into a trance like state. Imagery specific to you comes to me in visions and I sketch these on paper and take notes. A final, full color painting is then created.

Most commonly, images that come through are usually spirit guides, animal totems, past lives, symbols, meaningful colors, and imagery that the spirit world wishes for you to reflect on. On occasion, pets and family members who have passed will appear, but this is less frequent.

The biggest concern many potential clients seem to have is a worry that the art might be "blank" or unpleasant. This is never the case. You have a soul, it is eternal, and its true nature is unconditional love. There are no "bad" channeled images. I also keep my workspace protected and clear from undesirable energies and beings that don't have our highest good in mind.

Psychic Art, More Examples

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Helena's Art, 1999

Psychic visionary art spirit drawing rebeccaburg

This drawing was done for a woman, Helena, in 1999. A spirit guide in the form of a jaguar came through, and it was connected with a past life where she was a healer and spiritual seeker. She had begun the process of regaining her higher wisdom and is an "old" soul.

The angelic being is another guide that is part of her soul self...

Helena's Art, year 2000

Psychic art angels spirit guide

Though I don't recall earlier drawings I've done for people out of the sheer number of artwork made, a second drawing for the same individual is uncannily similar.

It was over a year later! (This has happened with other clients as well)

This newer drawing shows the growing strength of Helena's spiritual connection: her larger, brighter "wings," the jaguar showing his whole body, more structure, and a new animal guide- a hawk. Note her necklace is the same.

When doing this, I had cleared my mind and allowed the impressions to flow - I had forgotten the first psychic art that had been done for Helena over a year ago.

Mary B., 1998 psychic art

Psychic spirit art reading

Psychic art created for Mary B. in 1998.

Mary B, one year later, 1999

Spirit art reading Rebecca burg

A second psychic drawing for the same individual one year later, 1999. Again, I don't recall art I've done for a specific person over a year ago due to the volume of art and an imperfect memory. Interestingly, the same angelic spirit guide appears with similar feathers on ribbons. Certain symbols, colors, and images also reappear in this second drawing, elements important to Mary's spiritual path.


Artist statement and mission:

For over two decades I've been exploring the esoteric landscape of the human soul and the high strangeness of metaphysics through visual art. Growing up with the family's indigenous spiritual beliefs is the strongest influence to my creative work. Animism, shamanism, and the existence of spirit beings is a significant part of our native ideology and these subjects are an endless source of inspiration. Favored media is painting on canvas, some sculpting, and sketching.
The modus operandi?
I recreate scenes from the dimensions beyond the physical. Delve into the seeming disorder that is death and mortality to unapologetically explore it. Seeking answers. Searching for truth. My artistic endeavors illuminate the darkness and highlight the unknown.
We fear what we do not understand or are unable to see, but when we are free to examine what was once a mystery our unease falls away. When the strange beyond is laid bare in all of its prismatic hues under the spotlight of my paintbrush... there is nothing to fear.
Our souls are eternal.
The power was ours all along.