Travel, sci-fi, and sailing books by author Rebecca Burg

Aiding Cancer Patients.

Funds from the sales of my books go toward the cause; for offsetting the cost of treatments and for donating my books to fellow patients.
It's a win-win situation. You get to enjoy a fun read and help someone in need as well! 

Kindle versions and Paperback versions available. 

Books by Burg

Sail With Me


The wild travel adventures of a solo sailing woman and a solo sailing man. The two meet and travel side by side to exotic shores.

Odd Jobs


Funny, zany, sometimes sad; the strange-but-true life of working & surviving on a most unusual subtropical island.

The Human and the Hunted


Science Fiction first contact adventure. Unusual friendships form as aliens and late stone age humans struggle to survive a greater threat.

Seeking Serenity: A Coloring Book with Meaning


With hand drawn art by Rebecca, this coloring book for "grown ups" is unique in that it portrays real people, pets, and dedications. Proceeds go toward care for cancer patients.

My Island Adventure


Coloring book for kids with Rebecca's detailed, hand drawn images of the Everglades. Includes fun facts and educational information. Proceeds go towards helping those with Crohn's disease.

Created in loving memory of the young Garry "Double R" Eichler. 

Wild Shores

Wild shores rebecca burg cancer alcoholic parent abuse memoir

My dysfunctional dad, cancer, and the adventures of life.

This little book is a memoir, but it’s not all about me. It’s about the connections we make and the unexpected things we learn from others. It’s about conquering fear and finding our inner strength in the face of adversity.

Everything that happens to us, good or bad, is a learning opportunity. It’s up to each one of us to make the most of these moments, take charge and find deeper meaning.


***The paperback has the bonus section 'The Spiritual and Paranormal Realms.'***

free ebook versions available in the links below


The Spiritual and Paranormal Realms

The spiritual and paranormal realm by Rebecca burg

Free ebook shares Rebecca's native ancestral beliefs on the spirit world and how these wisdoms can help us improve our level of happiness.

Psychic ability, reincarnation, communicating with deceased loved ones; learning about these  lesser known subjects improves our lives in the here and now.

Free. Adventures of the Terminally Ill

Book on terminal illness, death, and hospice care.

Many people wish to know what terminal patients close to death are thinking, yet they’re afraid to ask. The author shares the gritty realities of facing a limited lifespan while embarking on adventures that explore human spirituality and the nature of the soul. This little collection of stories and informative articles educates as well as entertains.

Free E-Book

wild shores rebecca burg cancer alcoholic parent abuse

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(The paperback is available at a low price and includes a special section on the author's paranormal and spiritual explorations.)

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Once I downloaded the book in "mobi" format on my tablet, I had to make sure it was placed in "my files" under the device's internal storage. There was a folder labeled "kindle" so I moved the file to this location in the tablet's internal storage.
Also: Make sure under the Kindle app settings, the box is checked for "Data Storage Access."

This made sure any ".mobi" files downloaded from Smashwords could be read with the Kindle app. There are a number of great books available on this site, so it's pretty cool.